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I live in central Florida, our gas prices are around 2.25 a gallon. How's the hand doing?


We've been buying gas at Costco where it's a bit cheaper, but in Austin we're up to $2/gallon.


Hey Mia - I too get my gas at Costco so I'm paying just a smidge over $2/gallon. The gas stations around here (Richmond VA) are around $2.15 - 2.25/gallon. Ridiculous!


Here in Northern Michigan, it's just gone up --$2.34, but it can be as much as $2.39. It does go up just at the weekend, but it never goes down afterwards!! :-< Grrrr. This morning I was getting nostalgic about the $1.39 prices, and how I thought *that* was a lot!


In Phoenix, it's 2.39 right now.


In waaaay upstate NY near the border it's around $2.46...probably $2.50 by now, and that's at the cheap gas station!


Don't complain, here in the UK it's over $6 a gallon. You don't know how lucky you are!


I'm in southwestern Ontario, and we're paying about 85.9 cents/litre this evening. If I'm doing the math correctly, that's about $3.25 CDN/$2.66 US per gallon.


Here in California the cheapest is $2.59 a gallon! I figure, though, that driving is a privilege, not a right, and gas is a limited and valuable resource (this is what I tell myself when I fill up, anyway).


Second Mariko on the driving comment. Today driving through Malibu I saw $2.69! Which meant that premium is up to $2.89... I hope all those people who bought Hummers are regretting it now.


Here in my area of New South Wales, Australia we are paying upward of $1.20 per litre for petrol.


Here in Maine, I fuel up yesterday for $2.23 for regular, but I do think it's a bargain compared to what it costs in other countries. We are spoiled by cheap gas in America.


My mom lives on Long Island and the price was about $2.55/gal. I'm in the Baltimore area and I paid $2.25 last week. Linda


I'm in Pacifica, which is a city that borders the southern end of San Francisco. The average gas prices in our area are about $2.68 for the low end gas and $2.90 for the high end. Although I did see one station charging $2.99 for the high end. I'm sure Costco is cheaper, but the lines are so long that I'll never find out what it's going for.

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