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Secret Pal

YAY! It got there! I loved those colors of the roving as well!! I can't wait to see how it spins up!! I'm glad that you liked everything!!


Great stuff! Looks like you have a wonderful SP. :)

Secret Pal

Hi Mia! I have a couple of questions for you as I am contemplating your July and August package!

1. How do you feel about dying yarn?
2. Do you have a fav author or any books you are dying to read?
3. Any notions or knit knacks that you want?
4. How do you feel about some of the ribbony (sp) yarns?


Have just been surfing through my Favourites, the knitting blogs folder, and I am astonished there have been no requests in comments for the Slaughter book.
Could you send it to me, please?


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