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There are periodic bomb threats around here (mainly at high schools), curiosly they increase around the time of the state FCAT exam (required for school graduation and passing certain grades) and finals.

When I was a kid in elementary school (early 70's), our school had a bomb threat about once or twice a month. They evacuated the school and walked all the kids over to the middle school. To be honest, everyone was quite casual about this, the local media never reported on it, parents weren't asked to come get their kids, nothing. These threats occurred regularly when I was in first and second grade. Eventually a retiree that lived accross the street from the school was arrested. He just liked watching the emergency response teams and seeing all the kids walk down the street to the middle school.

I guess he was just a bit of an odd duck!


I hope your nephew and his friends (and school community) are ok. I'm a middle school science teacher in a pre-K through 8 school. We had a kid (5th grade) threaten to bring a gun to school last year (he was sent to a juvenille place for 10 days and is back in the school system. He even got bumped up to 7th grade for reasons unknown to me). No further threats from him. We also have to practice "lockdown" drills - the building is locked / lights out completely - that's a scary situation just to practice! It's sad that schools are not any safer than home - there are nuts inside and out.

Kitty Kitty

I hope your nephew is ok. I remember a lot of bomb threats in elementary and middle school when I was growing up. But like Kris pointed out they were pretty casual. We all went out to the sports field behind the school and sat there until the school had been cleared. Only once when I was in high school did they actually find anything. There was never any media coverage, but the casual approach also didn't have the students all freaked out over it. There were never any gun threats though.

Times unfortunately have changed.

In the media around here there is a lot of coverage about guns being brought to the schools ranging from elementary to high schools. Recently there was even a report of a pre-schooler bringing a gun to pre-school.

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