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Oh goody, Kansas does it again. What is going on in that state???

I do love how they made sure to quote Zach exactly in the story, including every single time he said the word "like". Brilliant.

Lola Lee

Well, the principal was clearly wrong to have suspended him for speaking Spanish. Why not suspend students who are taking Spanish as a foreign language?

That said, though, English is the predominant language used in this country - the Declaration of Independence is in English, all the great speeches from the Revolutionary War are in English, important decisions of the Supreme Court are issued in English, one cannot run a successful business and hope to get it listed on Wall Street without knowing English. When people come to the country, they should expect to learn English as part of living in this country. Were I to move to Russia, I would expect to learn Russian.


Stuff like this drives me absolutely CRAZY!! As long as he is able to converse fluently in class and with teachers, etc. Who cares what language he's speaking outside of class? It sounds like he's a generally good kid, and he's just participating in social activity.

I know English is the predominent language, but I also know that this country is as amazing (well, most of the time) and wonderful as it is BECAUSE of all the different languages and cultures that exist. It seems like lately we're sliding down a very slippery slope that is taking us back in time about 50 years. *sigh*

I'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for posting this article.

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