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Lola LB

Right now, I'm using Tungsten T5. it's the best of Palms I've had so far. I would actually like to get the Livedrive version, but the last version they released wasn't impressive enough that I'd be willing to buy it. So, I'm waiting to see what comes out in the coming year.

Here's a good website with reviews of PDAs - http://www.brighthand.com. Hope this site helps you.

Kitty Kitty

At this point what you really wants doesn't really exsist anymore. The market is really going away from stand alone PDA's.

Right now since you have a smart phone do you really want to give that up? The treo 650 is $350 still but with 700W coming next week I am sure the price will drop since that will be the new flag ship phone with most of the companies.

If you want to go with an old fashion pda, Palm TX Handheld is for 280 at amazon. You could still play your legacy games, has a colour screen, bluetooth, WIFI, and runs Palm os so all your old stuff will work.


Since Palm is no longer developing the OS for the Palm, I have to say the writing is on the wall for what will happen with the old fashion stand alone pda's I fear.


I love my Palm TX. I would REALLY love the Life Drive, but at $499, it is way out of my budget. I bought the TX the day it was released. No bugs, no glitches. I love the fact that it is wifi AND bluetooth. I can download email, even check on knit blogs. Me personally, I'm a bit rough on phones, so that steered me away from the Treo, but those that have it love it.

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