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Just found your blog and I have to admit, I'm really excited to see it and start reading it. I grew up in the same county as you, went to LHS and even taught in the area for a time. Don't live there now, alas, but reading some of your entries gives me homesickness with seeing the names mentioned. :) Glad I found you!


Glad to have you back! It must be the holidays--when we reconnect with family--that make it hard to return to blogging. Can't wait to see your Clapotis! Remember, if you block it you lose that delicious curl...


Hi there...

I just found your blog today totally by accident, and I added you to my list of "Knitting blogs I like" so I don't forget to come back and see you :)

I also wanted you to know that I've been drooling over your Yard Sale Bargains...could we chat about a few items?

- Jen

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