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I've purchased a few Falkenberg kits from http://www.sommerfuglen.dk/default.asp Click Shop (at the top), then Knitting (on the sidebar), then Designers, then Hanne Falkenberg.

The price online includes VAT. Ditte will take away the VAT and add the shipping cost.


I like Diva best out of all her designs, too. Mermaid's swingy fullness at the hem would make my hips look wider. But Diva is very classy!


If you e-mail Cucumber Patch, which I think is the eBay store where you found the kits, she will get the kit for you. She's very responsive to color requests. That's where I got my kit and 4-Ply Katie got her Diva from them as well.


yay, another Diva knitter??!! have you purchased your kit yet?

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