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And I thought I had a big sock yarn stash with 41 skeins!


Ok, that's a lot of sock yarn! I feel better about my measly 25 pairs now - think it's time to go shopping!!


You know, when I was shopping for you during that SP, I saw that neon pink Koigu, and thought "oh my gosh, that's so obnoxious, I LOVE IT!" and then "hey, didn't Mia say she likes pink AND needed some more bright colors? SOLD!" I bought it for both of us because I thought you'd be amused, and I couldn't stand not having it. Heh.

I swear, your sock stash looks bigger than mine. I don't know how you managed that.

I also really dig the picture of the second - this one:


What is that yarn? I feel like I have to have it.

Not that I need more sock yarn.

Crap, I'm in so much trouble.



wow! what a lot of yarn! Love the bright colours!

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